CCrane WIFI2 Radio

Gadget Guide

What to spend your money on? If you aren't up to speed, the best investments are in a broadband Internet connection (cable or DSL), additional memory for your PC, if you have more than one PC, a wired or wireless network. Here are other tech toys we recommend either because they are good buys or just plain cool...

Ooma Phone System

Updated Ooma is more stylish and adds cordless handsets.   You really can get rid of your monthly phone bill.

Dish Network's Hopper

Dish Network's Hopper whole home DVR satellite TV service can let you watch Primetime Anytime and view live or recorded TV from anywhere.

Sony's PlayStation 4

Sony's latest video game console delivers great graphics and performance for bothing gaming and entertainment.  

Amazon Echo

Think of it as Siri for your home.   Amazon Echo is fun, entertaining and useful as a digital personal assistant.  It is also pretty impressive as a Bluetooth speaker!