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All of Your Voicemail in One Place

Techstination feature for Tuesday, April 3, 2007

All of your voicemail…in one place. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. How many places do you have to dial into to check for phone messages. You've got the cell phone, your home phone….and perhaps, another office line. A company called GotVoice can help to simplify that….by collecting your voicemail…on a scheduled basis…and letting you check it by email or on the Web. CEO Curt Blake..

"You can access your voicemail through email or on our Web page. And then, again, continuing on to making your voicemail like email, let you reply outbound to those voicemails with voice to one or many people, so you can use it just like a distribution list like you would an email. And we also try to make it fun. We try to make it so you can mix music and your own voice. Send outbound messages to people. And then finally, we serve an archival purpose. Grandparents, parents, want to save messages from their children."

The basic service…which lets you collect messages from up to two phone lines up to three times a day is free. Upgraded services at 5 and 10 dollars a month…let you check more frequently. One of the best features of GotVoice is how simple it is to set up. Blake says…customers don't want the service to interfere with existing voice mail or require phone company intervention …

"They like some of the features of their voicemail system, their current ones or the ones that come with their carrier. And they really didn't want to change that too much."

It brings one of the advantages of most voice over IP services…to the rest of your phones. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.