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Midway Looks to Put Stranglehold on Competition

Techstination feature for Thursday, July 26, 2007

Midway looks to put a Stranglehold on the competition. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. It's a video game that the folks at Midway Games have been talking up for more than a year. Stranglehold was originally scheduled to ship last winter. Instead…the game….created by film director John Woo…and featuring the likeness and voice of Chow Yun-Fat….will arrive next month for PCs, the Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstation 3. Midway CEO David Zucker…

"We really think Stranglehold is the best action game that we've ever made. We're very excited about that title, a title that really shows off what the next generation systems can deliver in terms of graphics, massive destructibility, really sophisticated AI." How's it going to fare against titles like Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4 that will be out this year as well? "What's unique about Stranglehold is it's really in its own genre. It is a Hong Kong action, derived from the Hong Kong action film genre and there's really no competition for Stranglehold in its genre. Halo certainly is a first person shooter on the Xbox 360. It will be a huge game. Grand Theft Auto, kind of an open world game which won't be until October. So we're coming out in August."

The folks at AMD have been showing off the PC version of the title…which will take advantage of its Phenom quad core processors…due out later this year. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.