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New Fangled Toy From Old Fashioned Company

Techstination feature for Monday, October 29, 2007

A new fangled toy...from and old fashioned toy company. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Erector...a toy company that dates back more than a hundred looking to attract a new generation ...with robotic toys. The first...arriving called Spykee. Vice President Jeff Roberts..

"You actually build the model, you can build three different models. It's two hundred plus pieces. You download your software, it's both PC and Mac compatible. You can take control of Spykee right from your computer. It has the interface on there and you can control Spykee with your WiFi connection. You can get about 300 feet of WiFi connection. It has a two way microphone so you can actually talk to people on the other side. Spykee takes pictures. It shoots video. It has MP3 download capabilities, play your favorite music through Spykee. It has a video surveillance mode, so if you set it by your door and somebody walks in, it actually takes pictures and sends them right to your PDA. It has a docking station. So if you're out of town it will actually dock itself, charge itself when the battery gets low. And then from anywhere in the world, through Skype technology you can actually take control of Spykee over the Internet, you can actually have a phone conversation with someone on the other end from anywhere in the world, in your home."

The price...about three hundred dollars. Roberts says it's the beginning of a whole new line for Erector...

"Next year we're going to be coming out with three new robots that are similar to Spykee. So January next year we'll be introducing a whole new series of robots in addition to this product. This kind of brings that younger generation back to Erector with the technology base where they are today as consumers."

Erector's Jeff Roberts. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.