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Adobe Hopes to Generate Some "Buzz"

Techstination feature for Monday, November 5, 2007

Adobe hopes to generate some buzz. Bloomberg boot Camp, a report on today's technology. When you think of word processing software, odds are you think of Microsoft Word. But there are alternatives, and some of them don't cost a dime. Adobe Systems…maker of Acrobat, Flash and Photoshop….has also acquired a company called Virtual Ubiquity. And it makes a free word processing program called Buzzword. Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen…

"It's a word processor that can be used online. Or it could be used offline. You could save your documents on the Internet and share and collaborate with others. Or you could save the document locally. It's a very elegant user interface. In addition, we have found that many of our customers, use Acrobat and PDF for collaboration. We wanted to give them a way to create new documents or edit documents without leaving the Adobe family." Now IBM, Google and Sun all have free products that are also competing with Microsoft Office. How much of a dent do you think all of you can make in Microsoft's domination? They've got about 500 million Office users around the world. "We don't expect to have a major impact on Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office. For us, it's more about extending the Acrobat value proposition."

Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen. You can find the software at Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.