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Games for the Wii That Are Good For Me

Techstination feature for Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Games for the Wii that are good for me. And you. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. The success of Nintendo's Wii video game console….in bringing new types of consumers into the gaming world….has opened up opportunities for video game makers. At Ubisoft, Alexi Bodard heads a team that has created a game called My Word Coach…for the Wii….and the Nintendo DS…and he says the goal is to improve vocabulary and communication skills…while having fun…

"We are taking these games very seriously here at Ubisoft. We gave the development of these games to one of our star studios, Ubisoft Montreal, which developed My Word Coach on the DS and on the Wii. And we also developed these games with experts. For example, we worked with Tom Cobb who is a linguist in Montreal to develop My Word Coach."

It is similar in style to games like Brain Age from Nintendo. And Electronic Arts is out with the first Trivia game for the Wii. EA's Trudy Muller says it is called Smarty Pants….and it uses technology to let players of all ages compete against each other….and it uses those motion sensing controllers…

"You lift your WiiMote, you lift your hand up when you know the answer. So when you're playing in a competitive mode, it's who knows the answer first. And so …it's just kind of like the adrenaline, the feeling of being really engaged in this and kind of get your heart racing. You're trying to be the first one to lift your WiiMote to answer the question."

There is competition….Microsoft Game Studios is out with the movie trivia game Scene It…for the Xbox 360. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.