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Lower Cost Blu-ray Add-on From Sony

Techstination feature for Monday, January 7, 2008

Adding a Blu-ray drive to your home PC. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. The battle between the competing formats for high definition DVD movies continues. Having to choose is not a good thing for consumers….and the battle has slowed adoption rates. One of Sony's announcements at this year's Consumer Electronics Show…. an add-on Blu-ray drive for PCs….at a lower price. Marketing manager Bob DeMoulin…

"So it's not a recorder, it's actually a reader. And this thing is designed to go into a Windows based desktop PC and allow you to have Blu-ray disc playback on that PC. It's an upgrade drive that will allow you to add Blu-ray disc playback. And the whole notion is to be able to experience Blu-ray discs on your PC. Kind of our thinking behind it is, even though the home players, the CE players, are now getting to be more affordable, they're still not at that magic 199 price point, which is where we have this product positioned. So it would be the least costly way a consumer could experience Blu-ray disc technology, for lack of a better word, would be on their PC."

You will need a fairly high end computer for it to work…and perhaps a video card with an HDMI connection that would allow those Blu-ray movies to be played back on a big high definition screen. Sony's PlayStation 3 game console has so far given Blu-ray the lead over the rival HD DVD standard backed by Toshiba and Microsoft. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.