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TV on Mobile Phones... for Free?

Techstination feature for Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TV on mobile phones…for free. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Mobile carriers like Verizon Wireless and Sprint….have been offering TV on handsets for a while now. But subscribers have had to pay for it. LG says that may change in the not too distant future because of new technology it plans to build into phones…..called MPH. Chief technology officer Dr. Woo Paik…it will allow over the air TV broadcasters to transmit directly to mobile phones…either by subscription or supported by advertising…

"It can be both. Personally I support advertising…free to everybody. I think that would be easiest to deploy, everybody will benefit." And you're envisioning a wide variety of devices that could use this? "Aboslutely. You bet. At the initial launch, cell phones will be very important because the quantity is huge. And the next interesting is the personal navigation devices that can provide navigation as well as TV service in your car. And then you can think about PMP devices, you can think about laptops with a USB dongle." How soon do you believe this will be available to U.S. consumers? "We hope this will be available next year."

It would give local TV stations new opportunities to reach viewers….who have increasingly been turning to mobile devices and computers for entertainment. The broadcasters would need to add a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment to add MPH capability to their existing digital signals. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.