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No Scripts...No Barriers. Penn Jillette on Crackle

Techstination feature for Thursday, January 24, 2008

No scripts and no barriers… Penn Jillette rants on Sony's Crackle. Bloomberg Boot Camp…a report on today's technology. He calls it Penn Says. Penn Jillette…the bigger, noisier half of Penn and Teller…is uploading commentaries at least four times a week to Sony's Crackle. About the Web as a medium for his message, Jillette says…

"Well you know the really important thing about the Web is time shifting. You don't have to watch anything at a particular time. And this is kind of cool for me cause I don't have to make it at a particular time. Any time I get an idea, I can just turn on a camera and it goes right to the Web site very, very quickly. The turn around is very quick. And people can respond to that."

The outspoken entertainer…has plenty of outlets…with a program on Showtime and appearances on the late night TV shows. But he says he feels drawn to the Web….having had an interest in technology and an email address since 1984. About the nature of the topics he'll pick for Crackle….

"I've talked about how angry I am at my daughter being called a little princess. I've talked about Hillary Clinton. I've talked about agreeing with the Pope on almost everything. The recording industry attacking people who ripped MP3s. I read the news, I read a lot of news, I read it every morning. And then I pull out the video camera, something pops into my head and I do it. So I think the subjects will be, essentially, everything."

Penn Jillette. You can find him at…Sony's answer to YouTube. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.