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Cutting PC Power Consumption HP's Goal

Techstination feature for Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PCs that are cheaper to use. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. The push is on for greener PCs. The largest computer maker, Hewlett Packard, says it will reduce the power consumption of its PCs for consumers and businesses by a quarter over the next two years. About the strategy, personal systems group chief technology officer Phil McKinney says…

"Well the strategy is just the overall redesign, or looking at the design components of all of our systems. Everything from power supplies to every component that's in the devices to reduce the overall power need just to provide the computing resources. And we think that that 25 percent is a great target from the standpoint of just its overall impact to the consumer market." And that's on desktop and notebook PCs? "It's across the entire product line. It's not just limited to one or two products. We're looking at it universally across everything we build." Why are you doing it? "It's just the response to the marketplace. The consumers are becoming much more sensitive and much more aware of the importance of being conservative or conservation minded around power. And so how do you reduce the power needs? We're seeing that as really a trickle down effect from the enterprise market. The enterprise market is very sensitive to the environmental needs and environmental issues and power consumption. And we're starting to see that coming into the buying decisions for consumers."

HP CTO Phil McKinney For now…if you leave your personal computer on 24 hours a day…as many people do….you can save on energy costs by using the stand by or hibernate states.