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A Digital Toy That Really Has Made it Big

Techstination feature for Thursday, February 28, 2008

A digital toy that really has made it big. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. It is called EyeClops…an eyeball shaped magnifying digital camera….that arrived last year….allowing kids to get close up views of everything from the fleas on fido….to the mold on that old slice of bread. If there's a problem at all…it's that the EyeClops is tethered by wires to a TV for viewing. This year…a new model from Jakks Pacific will make it mobile. Vice President Genna Rosenberg….

"There's a battery pack that kids can put in their pocket and it's got an LCD screen that's about 2 by 3 and with complete clarity, kids can see anything they can't see with their naked eye." And then they can upload the pictures to their computer? "They can. They can snap pictures and upload them, email them to their friends, save them on their desktop as the wallpaper on their computer, print them out."

The EyeClops has an impressive 200x magnification capability. The new version will arrive in later summer for about 80 dollars. Jakks Pacific will have an even more powerful digital microscope on the market as well, in its Discovery toy line….

"There are two different ones actually. One is a plug n play product, that plugs right into the television. And the other one is a microscope with snap in slides and you can take it off of its base and take it outside and it's a handy cam."

It will magnify up to 400 times. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.