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Search Engines Get Specialized

Techstination feature for Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Search engines get specialized. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. The idea of sites like Google or Yahoo…is you can go to one place….and find just about anything you're looking for. But new search sites are cropping up….that say they can do a better job helping you find what you're looking for… by specializing. Accoona…an Internet search company based in China, has created a site called….that focuses on information contained in online discussion forums. Director of product management Scott Germaise…

"Twing is basically a vertical search engine that's specific to communities and forum search. So, again, if you want to search for blogs, or news, there's plenty of places to do that. What we do is we focus on this rich discussion area which has been around since the beginning of the Internet, even pre-Internet, but nobody's been really paying attention to it. It's kind of a place that's been growing slowly and we think bulletin boards and message boards are going to be one of those things that going to be kind of an overnight success, ten years in the making. And we wanted to provide a place that was specific for that that surfaces that content more than the other search engines do."

Twing has a directory of forums and discussion groups. The site was formally launched at the beginning of March…and…

"We're looking at several million page views in our first month of operations. That was kind of unexpected to be quite candid. We're happy about it of course, and we're hoping we can grow even faster."

You can find the site at Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.