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Competition for the iPhone...Sprint Uses its Instinct

Techstination feature for Monday, April 14, 2008

Competition for the iPhone…Sprint uses its Instinct. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Verizon has the touch screen Voyager from LG…as its anti-iPhone weapon. Now Sprint has announced it will carry a sleek touch screen from Samsung this summer…called Instinct. With all of the multimedia features of the handset… Sprint is hoping buyers will opt for its 99 dollar a month Simply Everything plan. It includes unlimited voice and data. CEO Dan Hesse says response to the plan, so far, is better than anticipated. Sprint followed Verizon and AT&T in offering unlimited plans….and opted to include data as well. Says the CEO…who is now the star of Sprint's TV commercials…

"If it's just voice, that wasn't really innovative. What we thought was innovative was taking the wireless services that are very complex today and truly making it simple. Because ten years ago, all the phone could do was voice, either local or roaming or long distance. Those three things and we put that into one. Today, the phone's like a Swiss army knife. People are not using all of the capabilities of their phone, because if they use the AT&T and the Verizon plans, okay they're simple for voice, but they're really complicated and there's all sorts of extra fees for surfing, for texting, for email. Even extra fees just for owning a PDA. And so we've made that all very simple. We really wanted to make it simple for today. What they offer would have been really simple and revolutionary ten years ago."

Sprint…is hoping its pricing plan and new focus on service….will help it to retain existing customers…and win back those who have left. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin