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Mobile TV Coming to AT&T

Techstination feature for Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mobile TV is coming to AT&T. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Verizon Wireless was the first carrier to introduce TV service on handsets using Qualcomm's MediaFlo technology. Instead of using the same network that you talk on….MediaFlo uses separate airwaves to deliver TV signals to phones. That means a clear, less choppy picture. Still…the demand for mobile TV has been less than overwhelming. AT&T hopes to change that when it begins rolling out its service next month. CEO of AT&T Mobility, Ralph de la Vega….

'I think we're going to do a great job of marketing the service. I think we first need to market it and make sure consumers are enticed by and intrigued by it. And that it's not just any handset, but again, a very cool and very compelling handset. And the handset that we have launched it on, one I'm very enthused in particular, is the LG Vu, which is a touch screen with what they call haptics, that gives sensory feedback back to the customer. It's such a slim package that when I show that phone to customers, they can't believe it has a built in TV receiver in addition to a phone, in addition to a Web browser, in addition to getting email capability. So it's an absolute wow. And I think that's what it takes to be successful in the American market."

de la Vega says the service will cost about 15 dollars a month and besides TV shows…will also feature some movies…from Sony Pictures. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.