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TV Guide on Your Mobile Phone

Techstination feature for Friday, May 9, 2008

TV Guide…on your mobile phone. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. TV Guide as a magazine next to the checkout at your local supermarket is still around. But if you have a Windows Mobile or Blackberry phone….you can install a free application that lets you use the little screen to see what's on the big screen at home. It's a partnership with mobile application developer Handmark, where CEO Paul Reddick says…

"The interesting thing about it is it's a free service. So it's free to download, free to use, and it's ad supported. So that's one of the key elements on that. It allows people to not only look and see what's on locally, they can see when they travel. And they also, one of the clever things about it, is you can set alerts. So if you find a show you want, you just click and set an alert and you'll get a notice immediately before that show comes on."

Keep in mind…that with so many channels these days….navigating through something like TV Guide on a small screen can be cumbersome. One of the best applications from Handmark…for the iPhone and other handsets….is PocketExpress. It gives you one click access…to news, hotel and flight information….and the ability to look up phone numbers without having to pay for a call to directory assistance…

"The Pocket Express piece we see taking off across the board. And that's really an indication for us that …I think there's some industry lingo that says people just want access to the Internet. Really what they want is access to their information."

The basic version is free at Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.