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Download Podcasts Without a Computer

Techstination feature for Friday, June 20, 2008

Download podcasts…without a computer. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Whatever your interests are…odds are there are multiple podcasts available online….that may be worth watching or listening to. Big media companies…and small….are just about all making content available as podcasts. A company called CastGrabber is out with a box that lets you download the content automatically onto your iPod or other digital media player. How does it work? CEO John Hammer…

"You set it up by plugging it into your router. And then you create an account on our server for each particular MP3 player or iPod. You choose your podcasts and then after that you don't have to touch your computer until you change your podcasts."

It works with the USB cable that came with your media player. There are no subscription fees…once you buy the CastGrabber. You select what you want it to download at…

"And we also have partnership with other podcast aggregation sites. So you can tie in with them, you don't have to select on our site. For iPods, iTunes does a pretty good job. You select using iTunes. And for non-iPods you go to our site or our partner sites and choose a podcast."

If you're a fan of podcasts…and have to battle the kids in the house for access to the computer… the CastGrabber can ease the tension. It sells for about 120 dollars online at Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.