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Nintendo Will Get a Taste of Grand Theft Auto

Techstination feature for Monday, August 4, 2008

Nintendo will get a taste of Grand Theft Auto. The top selling game machine....will be getting the number one selling game series. The Nintendo DS...which outsold even Nintendo's Wii console during the month of June....will be getting a version of Grand Theft Auto all its own. Take Two Interactive Chairman Strauss Zelnick says GTA Chinatown Wars will arrive this winter. While Grand Theft Auto IV shattered sales records on the full blown console platforms....the series has also generated more controversy than just about any other video game. Says Zelnick...

"Well it's interesting. We do make some games for adults and we're proud that we do. We comport with the voluntary industry guidelines and controversy for controversy's sake I don't think really appeals to anyone. What we focus on is enhancing and enabling the ability of our incredibly creative people to bring products to consumers that will delight them. And if controversy comes along now and then that's okay as long as it meets our standards of being terrifically great entertainment. As long as it meets our standard of being art. And obviously as long as it meets our standard of being a good piece of business."

With the announcement of Grand Theft Auto for the DS....might a version for the Wii be in the works?

"I'm not sure that Grand Theft Auto would be a great fit for the Wii but I wouldn't want to rule it out. And I think, again, that'll be driven by the passions of our team at Rockstar and the interests of our partners at Nintendo."

Take Two Interactive Chairman Strauss Zelnick. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.