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Another Deal for Netflix

Techstination feature for Friday, August 8, 2008

Another deal for Netflix. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. LG has announced that the Blu-ray high definition DVD player it will have on sale this fall.....will also have the capability of streaming movies and TV shows from Netflix. LG U.S. President Teddy Hwang....

"We are scheduled to roll it out, nationwide, from September of this year."

Steve Swasey, VP for corporate communications at Netflix, says it's part of the company's play a leadership role in the streaming of digital content into the family room...

"Netflix strategy is to be ubiquitous. Get to any device that gets the Internet to the TV. Right now, we have three terrific partners... Roku, Microsoft Xbox 360 and LG Electronics and we are continuing to develop partnerships with other consumer electronics companies, one of which is underway but we haven't announced it yet. By the end of the year we'll have announced four significant companies that Netflix is partnering with."

That's one piece of the puzzle. If there's been any knock at all about the service, it's about the number of movies available for streaming. Tell us what kind of progress you're making on that front....

"Netflix started streaming in January of 2007 with two thousand titles. Today we have more than twelve thousand titles, choices of movies and TV episodes that are available to you. So in a year and a half we've increased it six fold."

What you won't find are new releases. And while the streaming is not in high definition....Netflix says that is in the works. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.