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Creating Your Own Animations...on the Web

Techstination feature for Thursday, September 25, 2008

Creating your own animations...on the Web. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. How many ways are there to spend hours online these days? Too many to count. But one of the most recent additions...and one of the most at a site called GoAnimate. The free site gives you templates and characters....from cartoon political figures and classic cartoon figures....along with backgrounds and music to work with.. Or you can upload your own. Founder and CEO Alvin Hung...

"It's really simple to use. We provide the user with a studio and it's kind of like your own virtual theatre. You can have actors, backgrounds, props, special effects. And you use a simple drag and drop interface to command all that stuff. So you can tell the actor to perform different actions for you. You can tell them to basically speak for you. You can add speech bubbles, you can do special effects like lightning, thunderstorms and so on. So it's really cool and fun to play with."

About 30 thousand would be animators signed up in the first can choose to make your creations public or keep them private. And the types of things people are doing?

"I've seen a guy who created his own animated resume' so that he can put it on his blog. I have people actually creating advertising."

Animations posted before October 1st are being entered into a contest and are eligible to win a five thousand dollar prize. Again the site is Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.