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Another New Season for FreeAgents

Techstination feature for Friday, September 26, 2008

Another new season for FreeAgents. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. We aren't talking about ballplayers. FreeAgent is a line of external hard drives from Seagate.....and some of the latest models are smaller in size but bigger in capacity. Brian Dexheimer, president of the company's consumer solutions group...says new features have been added to those small drives...

"And so we make a suite of products based on two and a half inch that now have a dockable station that allow you to connect to the computer while you're at the desk and then take that data with you if you want to on the go in a pretty compact package. It's no more than about two and a half inches by five inches and no more than 12 millimeters high. The capacity ranges there from 250 gigabytes up to our flagship product, which is 500 gigabytes. So a half a terabyte now you can put in your pocket and take with you."

Among the new models is the FreeAgent Go Drive for Mac....formatted for use with Mac OS X and Apple's Time Machine back up application. A 250 gigabyte version is priced at about 160 dollars. The same capacity drive for a Windows machine costs 40 dollars less. The Mac unit ships with a docking station and case...and includes firewire ports as well. Also new are FreeAgent XTreme series models....

"And that's for a class of users that really have a lot of data needs, want to expand and want to do it quickly."

Seagate is upping the top capacity to one and a half terabytes....which will be priced at about 300 dollars. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.