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All in One Printer Work of Art

Techstination feature for Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An all in one printer...that's a work of art. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Computer makers have been paying more attention to design of late....thanks in large part to Apple. But when is the last time you saw a printer...that had much going for it in the way of design. The Epson Artisan 800 changes that with a sleek black and silver finish that surrounds a large 7.8 inch touch panel across the front. It can scan, copy, fax and print at up to 38 pages per minute. Product manager Steve Semos...

"The Artisan 800 has all of the main features that a customer needs for use of an all in one in their home. First and most notable is wired and wireless networking. As more and more people are looking to share one device in the house, because many times people have had many, many printers that they're trying to maintain, this way they can have one and everybody can use it. It has ultra high definition printing which gives a 4 by 6 photo in as fast as ten seconds. And that's a lab quality print. . It has built in fax and auto document feeder. And it allows you to print directly onto inkjet printable CDs and DVDs."

You can find the Artisan 800 for under 250 dollars. Epson faces competition from Hewlett Packard, Canon and others....but the long list of features...including the ability to print pictures from movie clips on memory cards...make it worthy of consideration. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.