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Electronic Gadgets Everywhere...Even the Kitchen Sink

Techstination feature for Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Electronic gadgets...all around the house. Bloomberg Boot Camp...a report on today's technology. There seems to be no end to where you'll find technology. There are high tech toilets...more common in Japan than in the U.S..... kitchen garbage cans that use sensors to open themselves when you go to throw something away. And can throw in the kitchen sink. Delta is out with a line of faucets that turn on and off when they are tapped anywhere...with a finger...or even the back of your hand. Senior product marketing manager Liza Mathew....

"It's called Pilar with Touch2O Technology. Basically what that is is, a consumer can touch the faucet, tap it on and tap it off. And the benefit of that is you are able to keep the handle in the on position, you adjust it to any temperature that you like it and then you can easily touch it on and off for the water to come on and water to go off."

While it sounds like a gimmick, in the real world the touch technology can be useful...

"So, for example, if you're working with chicken and you want to turn the faucet on to wash your hands, you can just tap it with your elbow, clean your hands, and then tap it off. That's a good example of why we thought this technology is viable in the kitchen."

The faucet knows the difference between a tap...and a grab...and won't turn on or off if you grab it to swing it around. Batteries go in a compartment under the sink that should only need changing once every two years. The list price starts at about 500 dollars. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.