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Economic Conditions Hurt... Even if You're a Monster

Techstination feature for Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The economic conditions hurt...even if you're a Monster. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Monster is a company that's been making high end consumer electronics accessories for thirty years. It sells HDMI cables, for instance, that can cost 200 dollars. But founder and so-called Chief Monster Noel Lee says....with the economy being what it is....some changes are in the works...

"The customers today are looking for value. Yes, they're spending less money and we introduced products like a Monster HDMI for a lot less money. So customers have a choice. You want the highest performance, we make it. You want products that are standard performance, we make that too. So I think the change in philosophy for us at Monster is that we need to make products that are relevant to the consumers today. And the Green Power products that we introduced save energy and power is part of that for the power side and HDMI basic is one of those products for the customer who doesn't need the extra high performance that we provide."

And can you give us an idea what the HDMI basic cables will be selling for?

"It's almost hard for me to say....39 dollars for a one meter pair and we need to make sure that customers know the difference between our high performance and our standard performance."

Monster has plenty of competition, but you can find more information about the cable differences at