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New Way to Sell Digital Music From SanDisk

Techstination feature for Friday, February 20, 2009

A new way to sell digital music...from SanDisk. Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. SanDisk....the flash memory card maker which pioneered what is called Slot Music last out with another innovation in partnership with the music industry. Slot Music is delivering albums on micro-SD memory opposed to they can be plugged right into digital players, PCs and many mobile phones. Now SanDisk senior VP Daniel Schreiber says...the company is delivering a new player featuring what it calls SlotRadio capability....designed to broaden the audience for digital music...

"You don't need a computer, nothing to download, no cables, no synchronization, no software to install. The device itself will come with over a thousand songs pre-installed on it. We've worked with Billboard to choose some of the best songs, best genres of all times, preloaded on the device. If those thousand songs don't suffice for you, we're going to have in the after market, a bunch of slot radio cards, but in this case they're pre-loaded with over a thousand songs each for a specific genre. And the truly amazing part is the price point. These thousand songs that you're buying here will retail for under forty bucks."

The music will be locked to SlotRadio players only. But that's the price you pay for music that will only cost about 4 cents a song. The initial player will be sold by Radio Shack stores for about a hundred dollars. They will also work with updated Sansa Fuze players. Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.