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A 3D Web Cam

Techstination feature for Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do it yourself 3D video. Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. TV manufacturers say the next big thing....will be 3D screens in the family room. Odds are you've see some 3D movies over the years. Now a company called PDT...based in on the market with a Web cam called Minoru....that lets you communicate in 3D...and create 3D videos as well. CEO David Holder...

"We believe that 3D is going to be quite popular during 2009-2010. Many of the major studios, Dreamworks and Disney, are releasing major films this year in 3D. And 3D is just becoming a buzz. So what we decided to do was rather than make another Web cam with one eye, we decided to make a Web cam with two eyes. And that gives you a 3D image that you can either use for normal Web camming, or to do some filming to upload to Youtube. It's fun and it's relatively inexpensive."

The Minoru 3D Web cam is selling on Amazon for under 90 dollars. It can also be used as a normal Web cam. But the 3D what sets it apart. It comes with five sets of those funky glasses for viewing. It uses two lenses to produce the 3D image. And more than anything's just for fun...

"The fact is a lot of these movies have been shot outside, there's shots of my daughter blowing bubbles and as you can see, the bubbles come straight out of the screen, you can almost touch them."

Holder says Minoru in Japanese...means reality. Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.