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An App to Tame Digital Chaos

Techstination feature for Thursday, April 9, 2009

An app that aims to tame digital chaos. I'm Fred Fishkin with technology Boot Camp, a report on gadgets and gear. It's an application designed for PCs, iPhones and Blackberries...that helps you keep track of just about everything. Reqall... r-e-q-a-l-l was co-founded by Rao Machiraju...who had been at Apple's advanced technology group. So how does the software work? You enter notes by text or voice.....and...

"You capture your notes and we can look at those notes, process it and jog your memory based at the situation you're in, the place you're in and we also kind of estimate and see is there a possibility you might forget, wouldn't it be nice to remind you. So the idea here is to take away that stress of having things on your mind and giving you the privilege of forgetting and Reqall stands by and bring it out for you."

You kind of have to try get it. The basic version is free...the pro version, with more bells and whistles...costs 25 dollars a year. You can find us at I'm Fred Fishkin.