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Another Tiny New Camcorder to Flip Over

Techstination feature for Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another tiny new camcorder to Flip over. I'm Fred Fishkin with technology Boot Camp, a report on gadgets and gear. It has been two years since Pure Digital Technologies first introduced its line of miniature camcorders...with one button simplicity. And the results are pretty impressive... with sales reaching two million. Ease of use is still the big selling point with the two latest Flip Ultra in standard definition....and the other in high definition. Marketing VP Simon Fleming-Wood says it has a bigger screen...larger capacity...two hours...and...

"While one of the hallmarks of the HD line has always been the convenience of double A batteries, we had a lot of people tell us that while they like that convenience, they also wanted a rechargeable option. And so we came up with this innovative way to recharge through the USB when you use the Flip rechargeable battery pack that can fit in the double A slot."

The price...about 200 dollars. The standard definition model is fifty dollars less. You can find us at I'm Fred Fishkin