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Here Comes the Pre From Palm

Techstination feature for Friday, June 5, 2009

Here comes the Pre from Palm. I'm Fred Fishkin with technology Boot Camp, a report on gadgets and gear. Palm and Sprint are both counting pretty heavily on the Pre....which sports both a touch screen and a slide out keyboard. Plenty of mobile devices have those features. What makes the Pre so special? Palm product line manager Matt Crowley says for one...the new Web OS operating system...

"Everybody's moving their content to the Internet. For example, I've got my wife who has PTA meetings at night, but I've got work events. So, a calendar that has layered events from Google, from Facebook events or Outlook Exchange from work, I can see them all in one place. In contacts, I can have Facebook, my Outlook, as well as Google contacts come down to the Pre over the air."

Sprint has warned that there may be shortages. The price...about two hundred dollars with a two year contract and a 100 dollar mail in rebate. You can find us on the Web...with a Quickbooks Pro giveaway this I'm Fred Fishkin.