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Playing Games...With No Controllers at All

Techstination feature for Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Playing games...with no controllers at all. I'm Fred Fishkin with technology Boot Camp, a report on gadgets and gear. With Nintendo having won over many non-game players to its Wii console...thanks to its motion sensing controllers and Wii Fit Balance Board.....Microsoft is firing back with technology it calls Project Natal. It brought Steven Spielberg on stage at this month's E3 trade help announce the project....which will allow game play....with no controllers at all. Xbox Communications Director Heather Snavely...

"There's something called a Project Natal sensor that will sit under your TV. It actually sees the way your body moves in 3D, it can hear your voice, it can recognize your face. So basically all you have to do is step in front of your TV screen and you jump instantly into the game and into the fun."

What Microsoft isn't saying is when it will go on sale or how much the add-on hardware will cost. You can find us with an archive of reports and more at I'm Fred Fishkin.