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App to Block Texting & Calling While Driving

Techstination feature for Friday, January 15, 2010

An app that blocks texting and talking while driving. I'm Fred Fishkin with technology BootCamp, a report on gadgets and gear. You see it all the time on the road. Drivers trying to text . Now Illume Software is out with an app for a variety of phones...but not yet for the iPhone....called iZUP. I-Z-U-P. VP Mark Thirman ...the software...uses GPS to determine speed in order to cut off all but emergency communication when the phone is in a vehicle...

"And the last step is going on the easy to use Web portal where the parent or the employer will set some simple limits, like how many miles per hour for the application to trigger."

The price...about five dollars a month. One potential issue is...iZUP cannot distinguish whether the phone belongs to a driver or passenger. You can find more information at You can find us with archives, interviews and more at I'm Fred Fishkin.

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