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HTC Droid Incredible Arrives on Verizon

Techstination feature for Thursday, April 29, 2010

HTC's Droid Incredible arrives on Verizon. I'm Fred Fishkin with technology BootCamp, a report on gadgets and gear. Boasting an 8 megapixel camera and a sharp 3.7 inch touch screen....along with GPS, a digital compass and version 2.1 of Google's Android operating system....the Droid Incredible is the new king of the hill being sold by Verizon. It's being priced at 200 dollars after a rebate. Verizon's strategy, says executive VP and Chief Technology Officer Dick simple....

"Android's obviously one of the operating systems that's very strong. The thing that this really embodies is that we will continue to search out new devices to satisfy new requirements."

Is that a hint about an iPhone on Verizon?

"I think there's a lot of speculation out there. I enjoy watching the speculation. So let's leave it that way for a while."

Verizon CTO Dick Lynch. You can find us with interviews, a full archive of reports, breaking news and more at I'm Fred Fishkin.

Categories: Gadgets | Mobile Devices