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A hands free clip for a cordless phone. Gigaset L410.

Techstination feature for Monday, June 11, 2012

 A hands free clip for a cordless phone.   I’m Fred Fishkin with technology BootCamp, a report on gadgets and gear.    Lots of households use cordless phones for their landline or voice over IP phone service  and there are some neat new capabilities on the market.  One of the coolest comes from Gigaset, which has launched the L410 wireless clip.   Product and marketing director Tony Stankus ..

“It’s a wearable Dect phone basically.  A couple of neat applications, if you work from home, be it if you’re doing office work or if you’re a stay at home parent,  you clip on this phone and you have your hands free.  You’re walking around the house, you’ll never miss a call.  It’ll ring, you press it like a Star Trek Communicator, and you’re talking.”

The L410 can only receive calls, there’s no keypad for initiating calls.  It comes bundled with the Gigaset  C610 phone system, which allows you to transfer calls to the clip.   The price, about 99 dollars.  There’s more info at   You can find us with archives, interviews and more at   I’m Fred Fishkin.

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