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Getting that DSLR off your neck. Spider & Cotton Carrier.

Techstination feature for Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Getting that DSLR camera off of your neck.   I’m Fred Fishkin with technology BootCamp, a report on gadgets and gear.   If you love photography…and have one of those big digital SLRs and maybe even some bigger lenses…you know how heavy they can be around your neck.   But a couple of companies have very good solutions.  Spider Camera Holster lets you securely carry that big camera around your waist.  Founder Shai Eynav…

“By attaching it to a semi rigid, let’s call it connection, to the hip area, you’re not engaging your upper body at all.  You’re not looking at 11 hours of back pain.”

Pricing starts at about 50 dollars.   In the meantime, Cotton Carrier is best known for its camera carrying vests.   COO Brook Parker…

“The camera is then hard mounted onto your chest.  The weight of that camera is evenly distributed throughout your body and over your legs.  And then it’s a quick 90 degree turn to get the camera out of the receptacle and then you’re taking a shot.”

The price?  About a hundred fifty dollars.  You can find us at   I’m Fred Fishkin.

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