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Cooking off the grid: GoSun Stove

Techstination feature for Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Like the idea of doing things off the grid?   I’m Fred Fishkin with technology BootCamp, a report on gadgets and gear.     Want to whip up a hot meal without burning fuel of any kind?   A company called GoSun Stove will let you do just that.   It is on the market with the GoSun Sport, a tube shaped cooker with metal reflectors that unfold to capture the sun’s energy.   You can cook a meal in twenty or thirty minutes or so on a fairly sunny day.   Yes it is remarkable and does work. Founder Patrick Sherwin….

 “You’re basically cooking inside a thermos and our unique little design is just a little seven pound package, so it’s portable, collapsible, easy to take anywhere.  And again, just twenty minutes will be all it takes in the sun to get a meal made for two people.”

It takes a little practice to get the GoSun Sport aimed properly, but once you do, things get cooking.   It sells for about 280 dollars and a larger version…the GoSun Grill …is in the works that will let you cook for as many as eight people.   There’s more at   You can find us at   I’m Fred Fishkin.

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