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A camera from Nest designed for the outdoors

Techstination feature for Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A camera from Nest designed for the outdoors.   I’m Fred Fishkin with BootCamp, your Techstination for gadgets and gear.   The Nest Cam Outdoor has arrived…designed to work with the Nest smarthome ecosystem that includes thermostats and indoor cameras.   It has many of the same features of the indoor cameras….allowing you to talk and listen…using the Nest app.   Product Manager Mehul Nariyawala says another focus was on ease of installation….

“So we set out to build a Nest Cam Outdoor that is not only weatherproof with IP 65 ratings but also has an outdoor adaptor, which is completely weatherproof,  so even sitting in a puddle of water would be fine. “

The video quality can be set for either 720 or 1080p and Nest offers Nest Aware…priced at 100 dollars a year for ten days of continuous storage …with software that makes scrolling through days of video fast and easy.  Nest Cam Outdoor sells for 199 dollars.   You can find us at   I’m Fred Fishkin.

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