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Solutions for charging frustrations: ChargeHub & OneAdaptr

Techstination feature for Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Some solutions for charging frustrations.   I’m Fred Fishkin with BootCamp, your Techstination for gadgets and gear.     Keeping those phones and other gadgets charged at home and on the road…can be a challenge.   There are some smart solutions.  ChargeHub, for instance has a compact 7 port USB universal charging station that is great for at home…in a hotel…and the super value pack even comes with a car adapter.   It features LED lights that have adjustable brightness.   If you’re plans include international travel the OneAdpatr from Konnext has built in plugs for just about any country that you select with a twist.   Theres a model that can even work with MacBooks.   Co-Founder Michael Ma…

“You twist and then there are three positions.  Each position will give you a sockets for different countries like the U.K., Europe, the U.S. and Australia.”

And the Twist Plus World Adapter Duo sells for about 43 dollars.   You can find us at  I’m Fred Fishkin. 

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