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Eco Flow Tech's River for power everywhere

Techstination feature for Thursday, August 24, 2017

Techstination, your destination for gadgets and gear.   I’m Fred Fishkin.       Even when you’re out in the mountains and forests….wanting to get away from it all….some tech like maps on mobile devices….can be pretty useful.  But keeping things charged can be challenging.   We’ve just started to review a new off the grid battery called River from Eco Flow Technology, where Eli Harris is co-founder and CEO…

“It’s a lithium ion battery.  It weighs about 11 pounds.  But it has a 412 watt hour capacity and can output 500 watts of power at a time through 11 different ports simultaneously.”

It can be recharged via a solar panel, an outlet or your car.  Check out  And this note…if you are 62 or over and haven’t purchased a Senior Lifetime Pass from the National Park Service…act fast.   The 10 dollars price goes up to 80 dollars on the 28th of this month.

You can find us at   I’m Fred Fishkin.

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