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Amazon building a robot for your home?

Techstination feature for Thursday, May 10, 2018

Techstination, your destination for gadgets and gear.   I’m Fred Fishkin.   Maybe the news slipped past you over the last couple of weeks.      But researchers at Amazon have reportedly been busy building a robot for the home.     The code name…is Vesta….and it is being worked on by the Lab126 hardware research and development division of Amazon according to the report by Bloomberg News.   As for our source connected to Amazon….we had trouble getting an answer…

“Is Amazon building a robot?   Sorry …I don’t know that one.”

But it isn’t so difficult to imagine.  Just what would an Amazon robot do?    Just imagine an Alexa type device that could navigate by itself around the home.   Maybe it could check the fridge, order up dinner…ingredients from Amazon owned Whole Foods… and then let you know when to  sit at the table.  

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