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Tech for aging independence: Caregiver Smart Solutions

Techstination feature for Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Techstination, your destination for gadgets and gear.   I’m Fred Fishkin.        Using technology to help people remain independent as the age…is what a company called Caregiver Smart Solutions is all about.   It was founded by Ryan Herd….who had worked in the smart home space and became a caregiver when his father developed cancer.   The company uses sensors around the home to allow loved ones or caregivers…to remotely know…without intrusive cameras..whether the refrigerator has been opened…or if it was left open…are medications being taken…are they getting enough sleep….

“What I need is information.   And I want to be able to see how they’re doing through an app.  All of those sensors send their information to an app.”

It is designed for peace of mind.   A Core kit to get started sells for about five hundred dollars…and then works with a subscription.    Find more information at

You can find us at   I’m Fred Fishkin.

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