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Vtech Smart Watch DX3 fun and clever for kids

Techstination feature for Friday, November 12, 2021

Techstination, your destination for gadgets and gear.   I’m Fred Fishkin.    Vtech and its Leap Frog brand have more innovations on the market for kids and parents this holiday season.  For instance, the Smart Watch DX3  has new features…including a built in camera with a flash that can double as a flashlight…and a very smart school mode.  Vtech’s Tiffany Lavery..

“So parents have asked us for this for a while now.  They want the watch to just be a watch during the hours of school time.  So from the hours of 7 to 2 or 8 to 3, whatever it is,  it will just be a watch.   Kids can’t access the cameras and the games and all that stuff.”

The  Smartwatch DX 3 is priced at about 50 dollars and is designed for kids aged 4 and up.  We also like the LeapLand Adventures…super easy game stick for those 3 and up…with more than 150 learning activities and games built in…for under 30 dollars.

You can find us at   I’m Fred Fishkin.

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