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The Tech Gender Divide

Techstination feature for Thursday, July 5, 2001

The technology gender divide. Bloomberg Bootcamp, a report on today's technology. When it comes using the Internet, the gender divide that existed just a few years ago has dissolved. Half of all Internet users in the United States are women. But when it comes to technology careers and earnings... .the gap remains wide according to The World Bank Group. Ninety two percent of electrical engineers in this country, for instance, are men. An organization called World Women in Technology is trying to make a difference. It was founded two years ago by Liz Ryan... .a former corporate executive with U.S. Robotics...

"And it's this very well connected, accomplished, friendly, resourceful network of women in the technology sector giving each other advice and resources and contacts for everything from getting a business started and funded to rising through the corporate ranks. It's all free. Women join a regional list and a group where they live... and they're also connected to the worldwide community through human moderators."

WorldWit is also working with schools to get girls more interested in technology fields...

"They don't necessarily find it interesting. They don't understand it. Maybe it doesn't resonate with them as the creative outlet that they're looking for. So part of our mission is to communicate what's exciting and challenging and rewarding about the technology field for women."

More than seven thousand women now participate in the discussion groups. You can find more information at Bloomberg Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin.